Margaret's Tip-Top Auction


By Mary Lamm-Feltman


I am not sure where to begin this, but I do know I cannot open the boxes I brought home from last night's auction until I write this article. It is now noon, January 29, the day after Margaret's auction, and I have been on the phone all morning. People have been calling wanting to know how the auction went. My news to everyone is this - Margaret would be very, very pleased with the outcome!


Several CAS Collectors attended the auction, and others either bid on-line or left phone bids. Members at the auction waved to each other and visited, but once the bidding began it was quiet. David and Shawn Slotten were there, along with Karl Ahlen, Heidi Hahlen, Barb Patzer, and Kathy Plehn. We spotted Lori and Steve Johnson once the auction began. Jeff Greenberg was there, and we had a good visit after the auction was over. I encouraged Jeff to join us at our August Convention. "Old" member Andy Standish was there with his Dad. Andy would like to rejoin our group, so a membership application will be in the mail to him soon.


Lisa Louis bid online, which was a new experience for her. She reported that she could see our group in the audience. If we had known that, we would have all turned around, looked into the camera, and waved! She hung in for the full five hours it took for all of the items to be sold, but while we were all sitting on hard folding chairs, she was laying in bed with her laptop!


The Board asked me to buy some items use in the centerpieces at our August Convention, plus they wanted me to purchase figurines for the Early Bird Prize and the Grand Door Prize. We thought everyone would like a CAS piece that had belonged to Margaret. I managed to buy some neat items for our group, and I hope you’ll come to the Convention to find out what they are!


As for me, I bought the items I wanted, which included the Realistic Mother Bear & Cub and the Standing Angel, with the star stand. I was with Margaret when she bought the angel, so it had special meaning for me. My pockets are now empty, but my display cabinets will be full when I unpack the boxes later today!


My Husband Rick and I played a unique role in this effort, as we are members of both CAS Collectors and Friends of Beckman Mill. Once we found out we were truly going to get Margaret's CAS Collection, many decisions had to be made. We wanted to make sure we did what Margaret had asked us to do. With the help of our CAS Collectors friends, and Sheri Disrud, a dear friend from Beckman Mill, I think Margaret would be pleased with the results of our efforts! It is estimated that Friends of Beckman Mill will receive about $7,500 which will go into their education fund. CAS Collectors will receive $500, plus the joy of owning pieces that came from Margaret's collection. Several unique pieces were held back from the auction, and will be sold at our Convention auction in August. Our club will receive a 5% buyer’s fee for Margaret's items sold at our auction. Remember, you must attend the Convention to bid on these items, so now’s the time to register. I hope you are tip-top when we see you in August!





As all CAS Collectors know (and if you don’t, you haven’t read the previous article), the 700-plus CAS pieces from the collection of our friend and longtime fellow member, Margaret Purucker, were sold at auction on January 28th.


“Well”, you’re saying, “I couldn’t make it to Beloit for the auction. And I didn’t have a clue about how to bid online.  So, I guess I’m out of luck!”


Guess again! Although most of Margaret’s wonderful collection was sold at the auction, several select pieces were held back, specifically for the members of CAS Collectors who will be attending this year’s Convention. This courtesy was extended to us by Friends of Beckman Mill, Margaret’s auction beneficiary, as a way of saying “thank you” to the club for our assistance in readying Margaret’s collection for auction.


The pieces held back will be sold during our annual Club Auction, held as part of the evening Convention festivities on Saturday, August 22, 2009.  The auction, once again called by professional auctioneer Shirley Baumann, will feature many wonderful items, in addition to Margaret’s, and all premiums benefit your club. But remember: only those attending the Convention will have the opportunity to bid on these items. Here are Margaret’s “Tip-Top Featured Attractions” (note that there are no reserve prices):


“Sleeping/Singing Canaries”, with Margaret’s beautiful homemade stand


“Chick & Nest”


“Encore Man & Woman with Duck Vases”


“Cowboy & Cowgirl(they will be sold as Margaret displayed them, sitting on a Jon-San freeform metal planter with  yellow rectangular planter pots)


“Pied Piper(repaired) with Running Boy, Running Girl, and Praying Girl”


“Jack & His Beanstalk”


Additionally, CAS Collectors will also include, as part of our auction, Margaret’s “special kids”.  Margaret could never bear to part with a damaged CAS figurine, so these 30-plus items, some with minor dings, some hastily repaired, and others with more major repair work needed, were kept on hand for the day when they could be “fixed up good as new”.  If you’re a whiz at ceramic repair (or know someone who is), bargains galore await!  Among the “special kids” who’ll be looking for a new home:  the Ox & Wagon, the Singing Angel, St. Francis (extended arms), and Suzette on Pillow.


So what are you waiting for?  You can only get in on Margaret’s “Tip-Top Auction Action” if you attend the Convention!  Why not fill out your registration form, and send it in today?