This issue’s “CAS Mailbag” solves one of the many “CAS mysteries” --  a task right in keeping with our 2019 Convention theme, “The CAS Magical Mystery Tour!”


Dear CAS Collectors:


I’m a big fan of Betty Harrington’s “modern” designs for CAS, but here’s what has me puzzled. I have 3 of her “Modern Colts”, and all of them look so proud and happy! However, the glaze is different on each one. What’s the standard color for this frisky fellow?


I.M. Stumped


Dear I.M.:


Well, the short answer is: there isn’t a standard color. Different glazes were used on the Colts, which is why no two are exactly alike.


The Colt was created in 1955, the last year CAS was in operation, and many pieces, like this one, have minimal surface decoration. This made their production less costly. But, as I’m sure you’ll agree, the varied glazes make the Colts quite eye-catching!


The “spare” appearance of the Modern Colt is somewhat different than Betty’s usual style, and reflects her interest in modern design. The Colt is actually similar in style to pieces designed by “Rebus”, a designer who worked briefly at the Studio, and whose style Betty admired.


Because of their spindly legs, the Modern Colts are difficult to find in mint condition.  If yours are mint, their estimated value is $150-175 each.


Thanks for writing, and enjoy your colorful, frisky trio!


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