TOMORROWLAND AWAITS!


Beam us up, Scotty! “Ceramic Arts Studio: Past, Present, & Future!”, the biggest and best CAS get-together of them all, is just three months away! You won’t want to miss all the fun in store, as our 2017 CAS Collectors Convention celebrates the enduring appeal of Ceramic Arts figurines, which brightened homes from coast to coast during the 1940s and ‘50s, still brighten hearts today, and will continue to do so for decades to come!


On August 26th, the spacious “Redwood Room” of Madison’s Howard Johnson Plaza is where the good times will be going on! There’ll be colorful décor celebrating all aspects of CAS. . .party favors and take-home souvenirs. . . plenty of photo opportunities. . .a “CAS History” trivia game. . and perhaps even a fortune teller! In short, everything that makes such a gathering so unforgettable, including the opportunity to mix and mingle with CAS friends old and new! And, as always, there’ll be stupendous CAS centerpieces, just waiting to be taken home by lucky Door Prize winners!


Among the events on the evening’s agenda: our much-anticipated On Display Contest. . . a delectable Buffet Dinner. . .the annual CAS Collectors membership meeting. . .our always-popular Club Auction, called by auctioneer Shawn and David Slotten. . . a Raffle for a CAS-themed quilt created and donated by CAS Board member Bunny Lenburg. . . and presentation of the 2017 CAS Collectors Commemorative to each person in attendance!


You’ll want to arrive in Madison early, of course, to take in all the antiquing the area has to offer, plus the annual WPA Show and Sale. Show hours are from 9 am to 4 pm Saturday at the Alliant Energy Center. Convention attendees will receive free show parking at the show – a $7 value.


For out-of-towners planning to stay over, Howard Johnson’s has again arranged a special Convention room rate of $74 per night – a terrific bargain! For room reservations at the discounted rate, just call 608-244-2481, and mention that you are with CAS Collectors.


So, let’s do the math:  dinner, the On Display contest, our annual meeting, the Club Auction, Door Prizes, the chance to take part in the quilt raffle, the 2017 Commemorative, free parking at the WPA Show, and the opportunity to once again mix and mingle with your CAS friends – all that, for just $60 per person! What’s not to like? Send in your Convention registration today – and remember: all registrations postmarked by June 15th will be entered in a drawing for the “Earliest Earlybird” prize. It’s another Convention “plus” – so now’s the time to register!


Don’t delay – do it today – and make plans to join your friends at the 2017 CAS Collectors Convention, “Ceramic Arts Studio: Past, Present, & Future!”




CAS Collectors is pleased to announce that our annual Club Auction will once again be “called” by fellow club members Shawn and David Slotten. As in past years, the auction will be held on Saturday evening, following our banquet, and the other Convention festivities.


Shawn and David’s experienced and entertaining handling of our auction last year  made those events fun for all, and we look forward to their return visit for Convention 2017!


Doing some spring cleaning? Our best auctions always include a terrific variety of CAS pieces, so now’s the time to comb through your collection, and pick out any duplicates and don’t-really-needs to include in the auction. An auction bill chock-full of variety will add to the evening’s enjoyment! (Even better, you can earn some extra cash to cover your own auction purchases!)


In keeping with the spirit of fun and fair play, the following guidelines should be noted:


1)      A list of all auction items should be received by Hank Kuhlmann by Monday, August 14th  so that he can include them in the auction program. Item listings received after that date may not appear in the program, due to printing deadlines. As always, however, we will do our best to accept a very limited number of “last-minute” submissions on the evening of the auction, depending on time available. Send your auction info ASAP to Hank at:


2)      Please list any known defects, and also the general condition of the item, along with name and general color. (Example:  BRIGHT EYES WITH BLUE BOW; SMALL FLECK ON EAR). CAS items that have been repaired, or have minimal damage, will be accepted for auction; items missing “parts” will not. Please try and combine any “damaged” pieces in single lots, to avoid extensive duplication.


3)      Please list a “reserve price” minimum bid if you require one. Reserves will be listed in the program.


4)      Bring the items you will be auctioning with you Saturday evening for setup. If you are unable to attend the Convention, you can still consign auction items, and ship them prior to the event. Contact Hank for details.


5)      Adequate lighting will be provided, but you are welcome to bring a black light, jeweler’s loop, or magnification for your examinations. You will have adequate time prior to dinner, or on a break, to examine the pieces. The club does not guarantee against defects, and it is your responsibility to check the items thoroughly. (As you know, we are not Sothebys, and we have been known to pause while someone takes a last peek at the item that’s up!) CAS Collectors is not responsible for any item defects not mentioned in the written item description, or not noted by the buyer prior to purchase.


6)      Please be respectful, and remember that we are buying from fellow club members. Only those in attendance at the Convention may place bids.


7)      A 10% surcharge will be assessed to the buyer at checkout, to cover the cost of supplies associated with the auction.


8)      A 10% surcharge will be assessed to the seller before payment is mailed (15% for non-club members). All surcharges directly benefit CAS Collectors.


9)      CAS Collectors encourages sellers with more than 5 items to offer one auction item as a donation to the club. (There is, of course, no seller surcharge on donated items.)


10)  As in the past, there’ll also be a Silent Auction during the Social Hour earlier in the evening. If you have items you’d like to consign for that, please contact Hank.


11)   Have fun — that’s the point! (Well, that and great buys!)


Please start checking your collections now for possible auction submissions. The more items we have, the merrier the evening! Plan on another great time -- and let the bidding begin!



“On Display”, the annual event calling on the creativity of all CAS Collectors, returns for its fourteenth go-round at our 2017 Convention, “Ceramic Arts Studio: Past, Present, & Future!” Judging by the overwhelming success of past “On Display” contests, it’s a sure bet that this year’s event will once again be a Convention highlight!


“On Display” will be one of our featured activities on the evening of Saturday, August 26th , and here’s how it works: each Convention attendee is invited to bring along to Madison creative displays showing off CAS figurines to their best advantage. There are 10 display categories, and each Convention-goer may have a total of three entries. While other ceramics may be included, CAS pieces must make up the bulk of any figurines included in the display. Decorations and accessories of any and every kind are acceptable -- whether display stands, cabinets, flowers, furniture, background pieces, or what-have-you. Display setup will be prior to our Convention gathering, with tables provided in our meeting room to accommodate the displays. Judging will be done by all Convention attendees, and terrific prizes will once again be awarded in all 10 categories, plus a “Best of Show” award to the overall favorite entry. As in the past, an entry is eligible to win in more than one category.


Brand-new this year is a “Remote Photo Entry” category, designed especially for those who are unable to attend the Convention, due to health or travel issues, and cannot send a display along with a Convention attendee. These club members are invited to set up a display at home, take a photo, and then send the photo, prior to the Convention, by email or regular mail to: Donald-Brian Johnson ( or 3329 South 56th Street, #611, Omaha, NE 68106). Non-attendees may each submit oneRemote Photo Entry”.


“Remote Photo Entries” will be judged separately from the displays actually set up at the Convention, and are only eligible for a prize in this special category. We think it’s a great idea, because now all CAS Collectors will have an opportunity join in the Convention fun (and perhaps win a prize!)


The “On Display” possibilities are endless, and now’s the time to start planning! As an added bonus, once again the name of each person submitting an entry will also be entered in a drawing for yet another terrific prize!


Here are this year’s categories – some old, some new, some tied directly to our 2017 Convention theme, “Ceramic Arts Studio: Past, Present, & Future” – but each and every one a fun-filled creative opportunity!


(Several “On Display” contest categories honor these departed Ceramic Arts Studio friends:  Betty Harrington, Reuben Sand, Karl Ahlen, Flossie Young Balch, Mildred “Millie” Ehle, Sid Foye, Helen Olson Gardner Gertrude Harris, Martha Pendleton, Margaret Purucker, Itzy Sand, “Shy” Sand, and  Rose Segerson. Thanks for the memories!)


  • “Most Imaginative: The Decorators’ Memorial Award” (in honor of Millie, Flossie, Martha, Rose, Gertie, & Helen)
  • “Funniest” (The “Reuben Sand/Margaret Purucker Memorial Award”)
  • “Best Use of Accessories (CAS or non-CAS)” (The “Sid Foye/Karl Ahlen Memorial Award”)
  • “Celebrate The Past”: Best Use of CAS Figurines To Depict A Scene From Days Gone By”
  • “No Time Like The Present”: Best Use of CAS Figurines to Depict a Scene from the Present Day”
  • “Flights of Fancy: Best Use of CAS Figurines To Depict a Scene from The Future”
  • “Thoroughly Modern: Best Use of CAS Modern Dance or Theatre Figurines”
  • “Mouse In The House: Best Tribute to our ‘Club Mascot’, Mr. Mouse
  • “Themes Like Old Times: Display Best Depicting A Past Convention Theme”
  • “As Betty Intended: Display Best Capturing The Style and Spirit of Betty Harrington”


And there you have it: ten categories to ponder, plus the “Best of Show” prize winner, to be voted on from the winning entries in these categories plus our brand-new “Remote Photo Entry” category. As always, there are sure to be many colorful and creative entries on view, (meaning lots of great ideas we can all take home and put to use showcasing our own collections!)


Need to jump-start your creative juices? Displays from past “On Display” contests are pictured in a terrific montage on the back cover of  this newsletter! Numerous unique display ideas are also depicted in Chapter 20 of Ceramic Arts Studio: The Legacy of Betty Harrington. Check out the possibilities – and may the best displays win!




“ceramic arts studio:  past, present, & future!”