“The CAS Magical Mystery Tour”


We’ve got magic to do--and we’ll be doing it next August 24th! That’s when CAS Collectors will welcome one and all to Madison’s Howard Johnson Plaza for our 2019 Convention. The theme: “The CAS Magical Mystery Tour!”


Taking our cue from the title of the famed Beatles’ album, we’ll celebrate the magic that CAS has brought to collectors over the years, and continues to bring to us today. The “mystery” portion of the title gives us plenty to explore, both at the Convention, and in our newsletters in the coming year , as there are lots of “CAS mysteries” (“What are lunch hour pieces?” “Who was Rebus”, and many more.) The first of those “CAS mysteries” is answered in this issue, courtesy of Anita Guzik-Miller: “What goes into a Grand Prize Display?”


 Fun excitement, and plenty of memories will be waiting for you in Madison, when the whole gang gets together! This is your ideal opportunity to revel in the magic of Ceramic Arts Studio creations, which brighten so many hearts and homes. There’ll be colorful party décor. . . take-home trinkets. . . stupendous centerpieces. . .even an extra-special mystery to solve! And think of all the “On Display” possibilities! In short, “The CAS Magical Mystery Tour!” will include everything that makes our gatherings so unforgettable. Plus, of course, all your friends, and lots and lots of CAS!


In the twinkling of an eye, you’ll be whisked on an magical adventure, as balloons, posters, and plenty of crepe paper transform the Redwood Room of the Howard Johnson Plaza into a fantastic and unforgettable destination!


Here are the details:


THE DATE, THE TIME, THE PLACE:  Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at the Howard Johnson Plaza in Madison. The fun gets underway at 6 pm, once again in the Howard Johnson’s spacious Redwood Room. As always, the CAS Collectors Convention is scheduled in conjunction with the Wisconsin Pottery Association Show & Sale, held during the day at Madison’s Alliant Energy Center.


THE SCHEDULE: All the good things you’ve come to expect:  the opportunity to mix and mingle with your CAS Collectors friends and Studio personnel. . .the ever-popular “On Display Contest”. . .a Silent Auction. . .the Raffle. . .our delicious Banquet. . .the Annual Meeting. . .lots of Prizes. . . and our highly-anticipated Club Auction, called, by Shawn and David Slotten. And, oh yes – the unveiling of our top-secret 2019 Convention Commemorative, presented to each attendee!


THE COST: Some prices may have skyrocketed, but not the price of your Convention registration. It’s still just $60 per person, for all the good times you can handle!


THE NEXT STEP: Well, to register, of course! To help you get a head start on your calendar planning, an advance registration form is enclosed with this newsletter. Why not send it in today, while you’re thinking of it, and be entered in our “Earliest Earlybird Contest”? All registrations postmarked by June 15, 2019 will be entered in this drawing for a terrific CAS prize, to be awarded at the Convention.


Ger ready for the time of your life, August 24th, 2019, as folks from far and near gather for “The CAS Magical Mystery Tour” The magic just won’t happen without you!