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WANTED:  Spring Colt; Lion King; Madonna with Bible; Kabuki Man (yellow); Black Zulu Woman; Babies; Butch Boxer; Rabbitt vase. (It seems like I’ve been looking for these forever! Can you help?) Please contact Donald-Brian Johnson.


WANTED: Bali Girl shelf-sitter (from the Balinese Dance Suite).  Please contact Ron McPherson.


CONVENTION MEMORIES: Our CAS Collectors Commemoratives are always a happy Convention highlight. If you missed out on one, or would just like an “extra”, now’s your chance! Only a few remain, so get yours today! (And remember: CAS Commemoratives make terrific gifts!) Here’s what’s still in stock:


  •  CAS Planter Twins. The newest addition to our Commemorative lineup! This futuristic ceramic pair, a hit at our 2017 Convention, “Ceramic Arts Studio: Past, Present, & Future”, even grow their own “hair”!
  • CAS Spoon Rest. A highlight of our 2016 Convention, this beautiful and handy white ceramic rest will brighten every kitchen!
  • CAS Glass Paperweight. Our 2015 Commemorative, a beautiful glass oval with the CAS logo.
  • CAS 20th Anniversary Bell. The hit of our 2014 Convention, “A Toast To The Past: CAS Collectors’ 20th Anniversary. A great way to kick off any celebration!
  • CAS Wine Glass, our 2013 Commemorative. Perfect for toasting on any and all occasions, and a highlight of our 2013 Convention, “Happy Birthday Betty! A CAS Family Reunion!”
  • CAS Travel Mug, our 2012 Commemorative. This oversize mug, just right for a hearty helping of coffee, tea, soup, or what-have-you was a favorite at our 2012 Convention, “A CAS Summer Vacation”.
  • CAS Piggy Bank, our 2010 Commemorative. This fun little fellow was the perfect mascot for our “county fair” theme, “An All-American CAS Celebration!” 
  • CAS Ornaments, the 2007 Commemorative. Each 4” shatterproof, brilliant satiny-green ornament, adorned with the Zebra logo, is individually boxed, and comes with its own hanger.
  • CAS Salt & Peppers¸ the 2006 Commemorative.  


Our 2018 Commemorative remains, as always, super-secret until the Convention! (As always, a Commemorative is included in the Convention registration fee.) However, if you are unable to attend  this year’s event, (or would just like an extra), you may pre-order a 2018 Commemorative for delivery after August 25th.


To order, send payment of $17 per Commemorative ($12 plus $5 shipping and handling) to: Donald-Brian Johnson. Please make your check payable to CAS Collectors. (Note:  Commemoratives for any years not listed are sold out. Sorry!)


JUST THE THING FOR MADISON: When shopping for CAS at the WPA Show in Madison, you won’t want to be without that essential reference, “Ceramic Arts Studio: The Legacy of Betty Harrington” by Donald-Brian Johnson, Timothy J. Holthaus, and James E. Petzold. Signed copies are available to club members at a special CAS Collectors price. For your copy of this comprehensive look at the Studio and its principal designer, contact, or visit, where excerpts from the book appear. The book also makes a great gift for your ceramic-loving friends!


And, while visiting the WPA Show, be sure and stop by our CAS Collectors table, and say “hi”!


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